The Orphanage


The orphanage/residence is currently home to 83 children and young adults from the most impoverished segment of society in Cap-Haïtiens and other regions.
They range in age between 2 and 25 years old.

The children, teenagers and young adults are grouped according to age and gender into eight houses, each with its own supervisor who is responsible for house rules and upkeep of the premises.


In the afternoons, school-age children would be grouped under the supervision of 5 educators/monitors caregivers, who help them with homework. They are split in a group level. Thanks to this support, orphanages children have in average better results at school.

Leisure time and daily life activities are supervised by an educator or a monitor.

Since May 2019, an educator supervised a team of 3 children with serious disabilities who can follow a classical education at school. This procures them additional care and enables them to progress at their speed. In 6 months time, they progress more than at school where they were sidelined and their mental wellbeing has improved too (self-worth, self-confidence).

Household works like cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry is done by the children (responsibilities depending on their age) with the support of a supervisor.

Throughout the year, international volunteers come for a few weeks or months to support children’s education and daily life in the orphanage. Their support for children with reading and writing difficulties in particular, is much valued.