Yearly Cultural and Sport Budget

Sports, culture, holidays, entertainment and an annual carnival for 85 disadvantaged children in Haiti: very poor, orphans, abandoned, victims of the earthquake. Help us to promote the physical, cultural and intellectual development of these children!Bikes
Founded in 2007 in Cap Haitien, the Institut Notre Dame de la Médaille Miraculeuse is both a school for 350 underprivileged children and a life center/orphanage for 85 underprivileged children. With the help of its national and international partners, the Institute offers these children a living space, education, food, health care and a quality human environment.
However, despite the importance of the role of cultural development in the life of a child whose childhood was traumatized, it is very difficult to find finance to support these cultural activities.With your donation, they are 85 children who will play soccer, practice music, dance, singing, theater and who will have the opportunity to live better resilience, to better understand the world, and to better understand themselves.

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85 children say : “Thank you!”