The Children


The orphanage/residence is currently home to 83 children and young adults* from the most impoverished segment of society in Cap-Haïtiens and other regions.

They range in age between 2 and 25 years old.

The children, teenagers and young adults are grouped according to age and gender into eight houses, each with its own supervisor** who is responsible for house rules and upkeep of the


In the afternoons, school age children would be grouped under the supervision of six caregivers, who help them with homework and participate in cultural activities with them.

• *Technically anyone over the age of 18 is an adult and not regarded as a child or orphan

anymore, since the age range goes up to 25.That’s why I simply added ‘and young adults’.

• ** The German word ‘Hausherr’ generally means landlord or master in English, meaning that

he owns the house. In this context however, I think supervisor is the right word, since

Hausherr here is someone who enforces discipline for kids.

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