Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment and education for children without parents or those whose parents live on the edge of society, regardless of religious faith.

To achieve this mission, we have identified nine goals:

• Act for Haiti provides an educational environment that fosters the creative, intellectual, and personal growth of its students

• Act for Haiti will continue to elevate its health, educational and infrastructure standards, remaining responsive to changing conditions in the community.

• Act for Haiti will continue to attract and develop teachers and volunteers in various disciplines, by providing a collaborative and inclusive work environment and involving them fully in the life of the community.

• Act for Haiti prepares its young adults to embark on career path and productive lives as human being and citizens, as well as to become socially involved.

• Act for Haiti manages donations with care via smart management, creative solutions and volunteering

• Act for Haiti encourages micro programs with lasting impact that helps achieve autonomy.

• Act for Haiti solicits local and international resources in health, pedagogy, technology that encourage social inclusion and sustainable development

• Act for Haiti takes an active role in engaging with its global supporters and donators that in turn serves as advocates for our cause in their home country.

• Act for Haiti stays engaged in the local and global sphere by building Partnerships with fellow charities, foundations, corporation, governmental and educational bodies

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