School Activities

The School/ Orphanage organises cultural excursions, summer activities and performances throughout the year.

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The Notre Dame de la Médaille Miraculeuse Orphanage/Residence organises cultural excursions, summer activities and performances throughout the year, enabling the children to develop their creative abilities and discover the world around them:

⁃ Over Christmas, Easter as well as Carneval, the orphans will give dance and theatre performances, poetry readings and sing songs.

⁃ Excursions not only include concerts, an open air cinema, and visits to historical and tourist sites in the North, but also various year-round cultural events in the region.

⁃ Mother’s Day and the Flag Festival will be colourful celebrations with music

⁃ Certain children can regularly train in popular sports activities such as tennis, karate, judo and football (soccer)

The following personnel will be recruited either for part of the year or the entire year:

⁃ a teacher for traditional Haitian dancing

⁃ a modern dance teacher

⁃ a choir leader

⁃ a football (soccer) coach

Throughout the year, a continuous flow of local and international volunteers will come for a few months to look after the kids and offer intercultural exchange activities. Arts and crafts workshops, reading groups as well as outdoor games are among other activities on offer.

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